Steve & Lesley Wright
The House of Aarden
The Red Barcelona's

The photo shows a son, daughter and grandson of THE RED BARCELONA, 1st. National Barcelona 13,089b. 4th. International 26,944b. and 295th. National Barcelona 13,161b. 23rd. National Perpignan 8,041b. and 75th. International Perpignan 20,859b.BARCALELLA and BARCA BOY are direct offspring of THE RED BARCELONA and RED BARCA is a direct son of NATIONAL II, 1st. National Limoges 12.743b. 4th. Chateauroux 12,422b. crossed with aa direct daughter of THE RED BARCELONA. We are now taking orders for the 2018 breeding season from these fine specimens. Prices start from £160 each.