Steve & Lesley Wright
The House of Aarden
Jan Polder

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you my fantastic family of Jan Aarden-based pigeons from Holland, the Jan Polders. In my opinion Jan Polder is one of the best present day long distance flyers in Holland. Listed below are details of just four of his many top racers.

VICTORIA: 1ST. National St. Vincent, 33,111 birds, 612 miles, 45 minutes ahead. She was also 7th. National St.Vincent, 6,385 birds.

HUSKY: Half-brother to Victoria. He was 1st. International Ace Pigeon Pau 1998-2002, flown Pau five times 618 miles.

RAINBOW WARRIOR: Won 3rd. National St.Vincent, 6,385 birds, 7th. St. Vincent National, 6212 birds 612 miles, 8th. Mont de Marson, 7,245 birds 600 miles. Never before or since in the history of Dutch long distance National racing has a pigeon ever won three prizes in the first 10 of a National.

BLACK MAGIC WOMAN: Won 1st. International Ace Pigeon Pau over the years 2004 to 2008 (5 years ranking) this is the award from the organization from International Pau, "La Colombe Joyeuse" for the best pigeon over 5 years from International Pau.

No expense was spared by the House of Aarden to bring to you this fantastic family of Jan Aarden based pigeons listed below:-

Two direct sons of Victoria, one in photograph THE PRESIDENT. They are the only two sons in Great Britain. Victoria has now been sold to Japan.

CHAMPION BONTE BEER: in photograph, is a full brother to Victoria. His National results only are:- 93rd. 6,212 birds; 204th. 5,909 birds; 874th. 6,621 birds St. Vincent, 619 miles; 317th. 12,125 birds; 370th. 12,956 birds; 681st. 14,573 birds Bergerac, 510 miles, four times over 600 miles and six times over 500 miles, he is also sire and g.sire of 1st. Prize winners including 5th. National Bergerac, 520 miles, 7,435 birds.

Top stock hen SISTER VICTORIA, in photograph, who, as her name states, is a full sister to the Champion VICTORIA. We also have a half-sister and a half-brother to Victoria, a direct son, two direct daughters, a half-brother and a half-sister of Champion RAINBOW WARRIOR. A direct son of Champion HUSKY is also at stud. Last but not least, the new addition to the stud is a direct son of BLACK MAGIC WOMAN, and also a half-sister of BLACK MAGIC WOMAN. All these birds are at stock. We now have available direct offspring from the above birds all priced from £160 each.

Sister Magic

a Half-Sister to Black Magic Woman

Ace of Magic

ACE of MAGIC is a direct Son of BLACK MAGIC WOMAN, who won 1st. International Ace Pigeon Pau, over the years 2004 - 2008 (5 years ranking) 618 miles. Available now direct offspring from ACE of MAGIC, prices start from £160. each.

Husky Black

HUSKY BLACK is a direct Son of HUSKY who won 1st. International Ace Pigeon Pau, 1998 - 2002, flown Pau 5 times, 618 miles. Available now direct offspring from HUSKY BLACK, prices start from £160. each.

Rain Warrior

"RAIN WARRIOR" is a direct son of "RAINBOW WARRIOR" 3rd.National, St.Vincent, 6,385 birds, 7th.National, St.Vincent 6,212 birds, 8th.National, Mont de Marson, 7,245 birds, never before or since in the history of Dutch long distance National racing has a pigeon ever won 3 prizes in the first 10 of a National. Direct offspring off "RAIN WARRIOR" £160 each.

De Rainbow Junior

This fine specimen is a direct son of Rainbow Warrior, he is small to medium, perfectly balanced with good silky feathering. For the 2016 breeding season he will be on the semi-bull system in his own breeding compartment and will be paired to my best Jan Polder hens. Prices for offspring from De Rainbow Junior will start from £160.each.

Rainbow Lady

This hen is a direct daughter of Rainbow Warrior she is small to medium and sits in the hand perfectly. She has soft silky feathering and will blend in nicely with our other polder pigeons. Prices for offspring from Rainbow Lady will start from £160.each.

Lady Victorie

Champion Stock Hen LADY VICTORIE the only daughter in the UK of VICTORIA who won 1st. National, St.Vincent, 33,111 birds, 45 minutes ahead, 7th. National, St. Vincent, 6,385 birds, 612 miles.  LADY VICTORIE is medium sized and perfect in the hand and she is g.dam  to 1st. Dutch National, 1st. International, Agen, 23,539 birds 1099 kilometres in 2013.  Direct offspring from LADY VICTORIE start from £250. each.

Blue Marseille

"BLUE MARSEILLE" Just arrived at The House, a direct son of Jan's Marseille National winner and 2nd. International, 1st. Dutch National, 1st. International Marseille Hens 2014.

Price for offspring from this young cock will start from £160. each.