Steve & Lesley Wright
The House of Aarden
Invincible Spirit

The photograph on the left shows 4 of our 11 direct children of "Invincible Spirit", Ist. National 7,242 birds, Ist. International Barcelona 27,068 birds, 719 miles and 23rd. National 8,163 birds, 42nd. International Barcelona, 27,352 birds three times Barcelona in all. The above named pigeons are grandparents to Ist. Prizewinners all over the U.K. The House of Aarden owns 100 inbred and double grandchildren of "Invincible Spirit". Available now, inbred grandchildren and a few double grandchildren of "Invincible Spirit" from £160.each.

Spirit of Dreams

Invincibles Double

Young Invincible

Thats the Spirit

Invincible Star

Spirit of Aarden