Steve & Lesley Wright
The House of Aarden
Hagen Brothers

This fabulous blue cock is a direct Son of Hagen Brothers "SARINA" regarded by many as the finest Barcelona hen of recent times. "SARINA" flew Barcelona 3 times, 725 miles. 39th.National, Barcelona 7,047 birds. 58th.National Barcelona 7,290 birds. 1st.International Hens Barcelona 6,419 birds, 3rd.National 8,140 birds. 3rd.International Barcelona 28,017 birds. On the 17th.December 2004 Hagen Brothers sent over a draft of pigeons for sale and they were auctioned by Mark Evans at the Heart of England Auctions. "TITUS" was Lot 18 and was sold for a record £13.000. We have mature double-Grandchildren available, price £100. each.

The second Hagen Brothers pigeon is "MAXIMUS" a great handling red chequer black splash cock. The Sire of "MAXIMUS" is "JULIO" 3rd.National, St.Vincent 8,558 birds. 40th.National, St.Vincent 6,330 birds and 41st.National, Dax 6,135 birds. The Dam of "MAXIMUS" is "MAXIMA" 1st. National, St.Vincent 31,586 birds. We have mature double-Grandchildren available, price £100. each.