Steve & Lesley Wright
The House of Aarden
De Smaragd II

We have at stock 3 direct Sons of "De Smaragd II" all are grandsires to 1st. Prize winners.

The latest addition to the De Smaragd lines , fantastic looking and handling son of "De Smaragd II" 1st. International Barcelona, 21,176 birds, 750 miles. Direct offspring from £160 each.

Champion producer De Smaragd Aarden, this fantastic Stock Cock was purchased direct off Mark Gilbert, he is a direct inbred son of De Smaragd II, 1st. International Barcelona, 21,176 birds, 756 miles. De Smaragd Aarden is Sire, G.Sire and G.G.Sire to a host of top winners. He is Sire to Mark Gilbert's 3rd. BICC and 3rd. International Pau winner, 8,527 birds. Price for his offspring are £250. each.