Steve & Lesley Wright
The House of Aarden
Johnny Barcelona & Miss Barcelona

These two fine young specimens which are half-brother and half-sister are direct off Cees Luykx's 2010 Dutch Barcelona winner, Champion Barcelona 241, 5th International 25,821 birds, 1186 kms, and carries the bloodlines of Lazeroms Jan Aardens. Please remember photograph of MISS BARCELONA was taken when she was 12 weeks old and photo of JOHNNY BARCELONA was taken when he was a late bred. Both birds have now matured into quality stock. "JOHNNY BARCELONA" is on the semi-bull system in his own breeding compartment and will be paired with some of my best Jan Aarden stock hens and he will also be paired to his half-sister MISS BARCELONA. Prices for offspring off JOHNNY BARCELONA will start from £160. each.

" MISS BARCELONA" will be paired to her half-brother Johnny Barcelona. Prices for offspring off MISS BARCELONA will start from £160. each.

Barca Witbuik

BARCA WITBUIK has joined the stud, another daughter of Cees's 2010 Dutch Barcelona winner, her photograph was taken at 16 weeks old, she has now matured into a fine specimen. Like her half-brother and half-sister she handles small to medium with beautiful silky feathering. Offspring available from BARCA WITBUIK will start from £160. each.

Mature grandchildren available from all 3 birds, price £100. Each.